Portfolio 3

This portfolio, in alignment with two others like it, show my understanding of news writing in the context of AP style and my experiences. The first portfolio can be found here and the second here, to see my growth over time. The highlights of my strengths and analyzing my weaknesses will give context to what I’ve learned. 


Depth – In my post ‘Finding News within the News’ going quote-by- quote I was genuinely understanding what the book was saying. I was engaged in the content topic. It shows a deeper understanding of what’s being written and why, along with how to spot different types of journalism that might not always be in the best interest of the reader.

Seeing as I have only covered local beats, and will probably continue to do so for both this class and any contributions I make to the Setonian, I know understanding them is going to be critical for me. That’s why I was thorough in my reflection on the chapter that covered them: wanting to get the most out of what I know I am going to use.

When it came to news narrative types, I didn’t quite understand there are different ways to present the news besides a strict inverted pyramid, so seeing these different types all explained in detail on both how to spot and write them made me understand more what I was writing, how and why. Each type has it’s own paragraph because I was slightly taken aback with this new information.

Riskiness – This note-like format was a risk for me, seeing as I didn’t know how to go about it. I wanted to keep a detailed log about finding news within the news not only for it’s usefulness, but also because I found it interesting. Certain parts also stuck out to me, and I felt the need to quote the text exactly rather than simply paraphrase, and so this post occurred.


Intertextuality – The sheer amount of hyperlinks involved in this post is enough to show how engaged and curious I was about this tragic story, mostly because I didn’t know it happened. I took it as a lesson on what may happen if I don’t make a conscience effort to stay up-to-date with what’s happening in the world outside of my own personal studies. 


Discussion – The response to this post was more than I expected, which is to say I received any sort of feedback. My genuine curiosity and bewilderment of the shooting prompted a conversation between my classmates I was not anticipating, others able to relate to my own findings and perspective on how the media handled this event both in articles and social media.

Timeliness – These two posts are not particularly inspired, but do show that I understand deadlines and responsibilities.

Coverage – The Upmqua shooting really caught my attention, and I wanted to give it as much attention as it deserved. Using outside sources I put together what had happened.

Although this isn’t the kind of article I am going to write for my next piece, I still took the time to understand what was happening in this post about a dramatic zoologist love triangle. I can use what the article has to offer to my advantage, so tried my best to cover all aspects of it. The interesting story helped, as well.

One of my most recent posts in an actual article, and I would like to think I covered my Homecoming preview to the best of my abilities and resources at the time. Not all of my interviews had gotten back to me in time, a lesson I learned to deal with in this piece. I would still like to think I did a good job using the quotes I had and information I could gather.


Some posts are obviously stronger than others, but amount of times many posts rose to the top surprised even me. I didn’t realize how much I grew as a writer and have slipped into the rhythm of journalism, or at least writing about it. I still have more to work on, and would like to expand my time-management skills into getting my work polished and having more conversations sparked and had. 

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