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For my article focusing on NaNoWriMo, I have set up an interview with Creative Writing professor Doctor Lee McClain about the event itself, her own participation, and how it’s helping motivate her with her upcoming novel about a mystery baby. I have attended one of four ‘write-ins’ so far, and took notes on what the atmosphere was like. Not to many people seem to be actively participating this year, but this allows me more room to talk to other participants and relate it back to my own experience writing a novel in a month for others to relate to in the future and possibly use as a guide to how their months will go.

I have found one person who hasn’t completed her work in past years, Mackenzie Robinson, who is willing to interview about what she learned through NaNoWriMo. Through social media I have found people who are very involved in their word counts and love to talk about them, but I am going to wait until later in the month, when many people’s creativities and will power are tested, to talk too much to them about their progress.

Source: Article Progress 1

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