Portfolio 4

In other previous three portfolios (1, 2, 3) I had more articles to assign my categories to and analyze. Although I do have less now to work with, my improvement in understanding journalism is apparent if not shorter. Nonetheless, this portfolio accurately reflects my knowledge of journalism this far into the News writing course. 

Depth – In covering Ethics, I genuinely wanted to understand in case my future leads me to a situation where I will take on the role of a journalist, which is why I went through the trouble of categorizing everything I found most important into a single, comprehensive post.

I understand how important media law is, which is why I took such care in reflecting that on this blog. I can’t be entirely certain when I will need this knowledge at my finger tips, but in the modern digital world one never knows.

Riskiness – My first Article Inspiration I found what I originally thought would be my topic. The post itself isn’t very risky, but changing subjects and format entirely is, which is–of course–exactly what I ended up doing.

Intertextuality – I went the extra mile with this entry, finding the specific sources the textbook talked about when it came to corrections. I researched and took the time to find an article that corresponded with what I learned about journalism and mistakes.

When discussing media law, I managed to tie in a previous post about the topic of errors. I pulled my own work back in.

Much like in my previous portfolios, I used the text book to as much advantage as possible, and have again in commenting on the ethics of journalism.  I used both a note-worthy line I found genuinely interesting and the book’s outline on its own information and how to break journalism down into simple terms. The same goes for my thoughts on media law, referencing the book multiple times.

Discussion – On Anne Long’s blog, I commented on her use of references and specifics, applauding her for something I wish I had more of in my similar.

Julia Natalia has become something of a ‘comment buddy,’ wherein we write about each other’s work. My favorite most recent comment was on her post concerning corrections because she is most sincere in her understanding of the content and really seems to connect with the article.

Timeliness – My first Article Inspiration ended up not working for my final proposal about NaNoWriMo, relating more the relationship between the Catholic and Jewish communities this year in particular. Although I understand this isn’t what this section typically stands for, the article would have been appropriately timed with the recent conference just wrapping up.

Coverage – Not one, but two posts I write about cover practically the same topic, and I made sure to tie together both pieces surrounding media law and ethics. The first is more of an analysis of media law, while the other covers an actual case-study of sorts.

What I learned about journalism it that, much like many language-based studies, it most definitely isn’t an exact science. Through process of elimination I ended up finding an interesting and solid to write my final article on, and now am equipped with the know-how on how to write in the public eye and do it well. 


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