University of Missouri First Amendment Lesson

Honestly? This is just sad, particularly when the staff members become involved. If their protest wanted more validation, wouldn’t they want journalists? To get the word out, to shed light on the ‘justice’ they are trying to obtain? Their cause to weed out racism in their school is a good one, which is why it’s plain confusing to me why they want to close it off.

What Click did is entirely inappropriate, but I’m glad that Tim Tai, obviously a young photojournalist, is trying to start the conversation about rights in the first amendment when nobody at this (ironically enough) protest won’t.

An article criticized people for treating the students like a human wall rather than just humans, and for trying to violate the first amendment as it suited them.

That’s not how it works. You can’t just pick and choose which rights to follow; either everyone has all of them or we have none at all.

Source: University of Missouri First Amendment Lesson

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