Article Progress 3

I have all of my interviewing ducks in a row, only now I need to do the best I can to predict the last 7 days in November, which will hopefully go as planned. My rough draft was more complete in the first two weeks because I had experience to write from, and now that the third week has passed I can confidently go over that as well. As for the last week of NaNoWriMo I am unsure of exactly what’s going to happen with life’s funny way of being unpredictable, so I will have to primarily draw from the experiences of others for this one.

I did go to the final NaNo Write-In┬ábut it seems I am the lone survivor this year of NaNo, and even then I’m admittedly behind. However, I can make it up by adding 500 more words per day, something I learned I could do quite easily. I’m going to put this in the article as well, as to not discourage people who miss writing a day or two (or three) and think it’s impossible.


Source: Article Progress 3

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