Slow and Steady Wins the Race

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As the semester speeds along, we are encountering our first big challenges.  Originally, we had planned to begin our first home visits to seniors this week.  However, I (and I think most of the class) was forced into a bit of a reality check about the difficulties of coordinating everyone’s schedules involved.   

Nonetheless, we have not been idle (especially our wonderful group leader, Hallie).  We have been making progress towards achieving our mission.  Even if it has been small steps, I am not discouraged.  As Aesop’s fable, “The Tortoise and the Hare,” attests, even though we may be getting off to a slow start, it is still a steady start.  Like the tortoise, who plugged along, we will eventually meet our goals.

Saturday is going to be an important date for our class.  Our own Marie Salguero is going to be featured on Westmoreland Community Action’s radio show, Taking Action, this Saturday, March 27 at 8 am.  I want to encourage everyone to listen.  You can either tune in to 1480 WCNS or go to  If you miss the broadcast, but are still interested, just click here.  Simply scroll down to the section labeled “Taking Action” and click on the link for Saturday’s show (once it has been posted).

Besides Marie’s radio debut, a group of us will be cleaning up debris from various places throughout Greensburg on Saturday.  It was a hard winter for everyone and Greensburg was no exception.  The mounds of snow have finally melted and we’ve been graced with several weeks of beautiful sunshine and warm weather.  However, the aftermath of the harsh winter has left branches, shale, salt, and other waste scattered about everywhere.  The class will be lending a hand to help clean up these unsightly remains of winter.

Westmoreland Community Action has graciously agreed to cooperate with us by providing us seniors who could use a helping hand.  Besides the home visits, the following events are in the works: selling t-shirts to raise funds, organizing an event at a high rise with an elderly population, cleaning up and doing repair work at a park in Greensburg, and organizing a final “party” which will unite all those who have participated. 

On April 6 to April 9, we will be selling t-shirts to raise money, so that we can truly help the seniors in whatever ways possible.  We may need to buy paint or other supplies to complete our goals.  In order to do this, we request that the Seton Hill community support our efforts to create better relations between us and the Greensburg community by purchasing a t-shirt.  The cost of a t-shirt will be $10 each.  We will be selling them in Lowe Dining Hall from 11-2.  If we find that there is an overwhelming interest in the shirts, we are going to increase the number of days we sell them.  The shirts will be turqouise-colored with a design created by Seton Hill’s Graphic Design club. 

We would also like to invite any members of the Seton Hill community who are not in our class, but would like to be involved in our project, to get in contact with one of the members of the class.  I also want to encourage anyone who has a facebook to join our group.  The more help we have, the bigger of an impact we can have in inspiring change!

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