From reading, Journalism and the Invisible Observer, there are some key factors Gus Griffin needs to work out. First and foremost, he needs to revise his written work. Next, I would advise him to not put himself in the story. When the reporter puts himself in the story, the reporter then becomes a character in a part of the story. The reporter needs to be invisible. A good way to do so is by only stating the sources you interviewed and keeping your judgement and feelings out of the news article. The final piece of advice I would Gus is to shorten the article. Leave the unnecessary and wordy-ness out of the story. It is alright to have detail but these details should let the story speak for itself.

My revision:

Chance Salomonder, a research assistant in Elizabeth Mount College’s archaeology program, was the victim of an assault overnight. Cleaning staff employee, Janet Powers, found Salomonder lying unconscious in the office of Barnaby Sneedlewood. Dr. Sneedlewood, chair of the Department of Archeology, claims to have not seen the victim after he left the residence of the Sneedlewoods’ at around 10 p.m. “Salomonder said he had some errands to run and he left. Salomonder is never very talkative, but always polite, so we really didn’t think anything of it when he got up and left.” said Dr. Sneedlewood. The victim suffered a bloody injury in the back of his head, which campus police chief, Arnold MacDougal, insists were severe enough to send him to Steamsburg Medical Center. The campus police have yet to find a name of the suspect. , ¬†Source: Journalism and the Invisible Observer


EoJ Ch 5

In Eoj Chapter 5, this is quote that interested me, “The journalism that people with different perspectives produce together is better than which any of them could produce alone,” (Kovach and Rosenstiel 160). The theory of this quote can pertain to the idea of former Wall Street Journal reporter, Rob Steiner. The reporter’s idea was to get professionals from other career fields and teach them to do journalism. The point of this was to make the content better. In a sense that the content was worked upon from individuals from all backgrounds. To me, this is important. When you have group of individuals with all kinds of personal experiences and backgrounds, this gives a chance of all around better content. In essence, new stories that reach out to various individual viewers with different perspectives.

Source: EoJ Ch 5


Broadcast News Exercise

:00 Historic storm preview

:30 Action video of 62 Texas counties under disaster

1:00 Interview of people affected by hurricane

1:30 More interviews of eye witnesses

2:00 Broadcaster states tornado warnings

2:30 Meterologists gives radar of Tropical storm Harvey

3:00 Broadcaster talks about Trump holding teleconference for visit to Texas

3:30 Video of Red Cross sending resources to Texas

4:00 Interview from Red Cross volunteer

4:30 Quote from Tom Wolf on incident in Texas and company donations

5:00 Pittsburgh Rapper releases music behind bars

5:30 Back to school forecast

6:00 Nissan football advertisement

6:30 Mcdonalds coffee ad

7:00 Vin Deisel Dodge Labor Day Sale Ad

7:30 Comcast Fios internet Ad

8:00 Gmc Arcadia ad

8:30 WTAE logo and phone number and upcoming coverage

9:00 Reporter talks about Pittsburgh Rapper getting out of jail

9:30 Jimmy Wopo, rapper coverage making music in jail

10:00 Video of Jimmy and close up of his social media and music

10:30 Video of Wopo and the date of incarceration

11:00 Dying wish granted for local firefighter preview

11:30 shots and video of news, reporters, and locations

12:00 Chrysler Ad, Chevy Ad

12:30 Chevy ad, Safe auto ad

13:00 safe auto ad, Toyota ad

13:30 Toyota lease ad, WTAE heart Ad

14:00 WTAE reporters and logo, veterans honored

14:30 Video of veteran speaking

15:00 Reporter talks about firefighter’s dying request,

15:30 audio of Firefighter’s friend with bingo shot and video of friend

16:00 bingo shot again and back to reporter, turnover to meterologist

16:30 Look back to radar of hurricane Harvery

17:00 radar coverage of hurricane Harvey , wind speed and forecast tracker

17:30 inches of rainfall from hurricane, with radar still on screen

18:00 radar showing future tropical storm coverage

18:30 Weather update as of now and future weather forecast, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday forecast

19:00 Further look at forecast starting Monday morning, forecast and temperature of next four days

19:30 back to reporter taking about Pine Richland football and mccutchen preview

20:00 Evening lottery Drawings, Jeep Wrangler commercial

20:30 GMC listed time offer on Gmc Terrain

21:00 Ford AD

21:30 Ford Ad, Volkswagen commercial

22:00 Dodge Ram commercial

22:30 Dodge Ram commercial, Molyneaux ad

23:00 Pirates at Reds game update, with highlights

23:30 More pirates highlights, McCutchen getting heated at bat

24:00 Pirates getting base hits, up 5-2

24:30 Buccos win 5-2, Play Chicago tomorrow, High school football highlights of Pine Richland

25:00 More Pine Richland highlights

25:30 21-0 Pine Richland, more touchdown highlights

26:00 Play of the week: Luke Mary touchdown for Peters Township, upcoming coverage

26:30 Day automotive group ad, WTAE ad with shots of reporter

27:00 Acura commercial

27:30 Buick commercial

28:00 Hyundai commercial

28:30 Day automotive group ad, WTAE logo and shot of hurricane video

29:00 Texas impact with video of hurricane, back to reporter

29:30 Back to meteorologist giving more updates on coverage

30:00 More radar coverage of Hurricane Harvey with flood warnings, back to reporter

30:30 Video of hurricane Harvey with audiclip from reporter

31:00 Video of people fleeing homes with audio clip

31:30 More video

32:00 Residents rescued from nursing home picture with audio

32:30 Ad for WTAE app

33:00 traffic action tracker with updates for week.

33:30 Pittsburgh Action sports on Steelers with video of team and reporter side by side clip

34:00 more sport coverage, Landry Drones interview

34:30 Mike Tomlin video clip and press conference

35:00 more sport coverage,Tj Watt interview

Out of 35 minutes, there was about 23 minutes of total news coverage including, reports, videos, interviews, and weather forecast. From that news coverage most of it was mainly on the current Hurricane Harvey In Texas, with only a few minutes dedicated to the actual news of Pittsburgh. Yes, I did include the sports and weather coverages in my tally because this is what I am use to seeing on local news stations, this is what people of Pittsburgh consider news. Overall, the news gives a lot of information about what’s going on outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Only a little time during that half an hour segment was based on Pittsburgh. The time during the news segment, there were a lot of car commercials, in fact almost all of the ads were on cars.

Source: Broadcast News Exercise


Media Awareness Exercise

  1. The first video demonstrates how the news is typically broadcasted. I have to say I agree with the people who spoke in the video. When I I watch the news I am only interested in what the broadcaster is saying. For example, the current events going on and both sides to the news story, not just some biased opinion of the broadcaster. Also, most people do not want to see random shots of a street sign or people only used as a filler.
  2. The second video to me is how ads and commercials can take over and dictate our lives. Commercials are always pushing products that can shape our lifestyles. The media is always shoving tons of information at us all at once and it can be hard to distinguish what is newsworthy and what is just another ad.
  3. The poem to me symbolizes the reporters emotion to a daily routine that may seem to be dull but yet exciting all at once.
  4. The audio clip to me represents how a new story should be told by a narrator to keep the viewers attention at full. The voice should draw in the viewers attention so they feel they want more.
  5. This blog post demonstrated how the news is portrayed to it’s viewers. Before, this blog I have never put into thought that there is a certain way the news is broadcasted and sometimes it can be dull but there are instances of the broadcaster making a connection with me to stay interested.
  6. Source: Media Awareness Exercise

EoJ Ch 3

In Eoj Chapter 3 I noticed this passage: “There is something in the act of trying to find out the truth of events, and relate them in away that connects to the public, that binds those who gather the news,” (Kovach and Rosenstiel 74). This quote speaks for itself. All journalists share one similarity that rises above all differences to show their loyalty to the public. Therefore, in return the public also expects this of the journalist who provide the news to them. With this being said, that doesn’t mean the people want the news one sided or biased. The chapter mentions of the public wanting more news related to all sides rather than one point of view. I found this part very interesting. It was not until the early nineteenth century when this idea came about and influenced journalism from a early stage. I also was intrigued by the idea that journalists served the public, not the companies they were paid for. I believe this ideology the journalists had influenced their work to more trust-worthy.

Source: EoJ Ch 3


EoJ Ch 1

I knew little to nothing about journalism before taking this course. The first chapter to me was a good start. A quote from chapter one that really intrigued me was, “…the purpose of journalism is defined not by technology, nor by journalists or the techniques they employ, but by something more basic: the function news plays in the lives of people.” (Kovach and Rosenstiel 16). This quote to me is strong. To give a voice and truth to the people is important in journalism. Now, to make a connection with those people is even more important. Through connecting with those people who do not have the power such as journalist, ideas are then passed down. When sharing and bringing ideas to the light of the people, likenesses are shared about. From there, these people who are powerless form relationships that can bring groups of people together and become one strong¬†community with a voice. Therefore, the news plays a huge part in our communities and daily lives. As mentioned in the passage, the people have a right to know what is going on in the world around them. Current events from politics, sports, crime, etc. This is why I found the quote to be strong.¬†

Source: EoJ Ch 1


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