Portfolio 4

My time with news writing is coming to a halt as we have reached our final portfolio; 4.  I would say my post this time, were more conscious post, as there were not as in depth as past post but I have engaged in the material of the post with the material I have learned over the course of the semester.


Math is not my favorite subject in the world but my post, math for journalist went into more depth than others. I gave three examples of math in journalism then wrote a paragraph describing which is good and what is not. Another post would, my wrong number post as I went into the depth about the harms of incorrect facts being published.


My most risky post was about “fake news”. This post I brought up the Kevin Spacey allegation at the beginning of my post. I brought this up because the article was about fake news and I thought this was relative because the Spacey story is on-going and he might be telling the truth so this to me was risky.


For this time around I have to say I haven’t been engaged when it comes to commenting on other people’s post like I have done in the past even if it was one or two comments. This is an area I need to work on in the future for becoming professional journalists.


For this section, the “fake news” post would be suffice as I connected Kevin Spacey to the article. Another one that would work is the wrong number post. I connected the article to what I have learned in news writing and that is fact checking.


All of the post this time around have been completed. In the past I may have not completed one or two but for portfolio 4, all articles were read and commented on.


The math examples post was where I showed the most coverage. I went into a subject and provided 3 examples of an area I was not comfortable in; math. I covered three examples and said what was right or wrong with each. The pearls post, falls under this category because I could have covered the article in detail more. My response was short and I feel I could have covered all aspects of the article.

Portfolio 4 is completed and I feel I have changed a bit over the semester. This time around, all of the post were completed. In the past I have forgot to do one or two post but I changed my routine. My post also changed a bit. Instead of just replying to the articles with a bland post I challenged myself to think critically and how it was right or wrong or compelling with what I have learned in news writing over the course of the semester.


Source: Portfolio 4


This article and video was really interesting to read and watch. I feel this blog post came just in time with all the allegations going on in the real world today such as the Kevin Spacey story on sexual assault. As far as the video goes, I think the reporter doing the interview did her job spot on. The reporter was professional and did what she is paid to do. The reporter said several times she was recording and got the information from the interview to help her story. I think all journalist should watch this video as well as read the article.

Source: A “Fake News” Story That Wasn’t


Newsroom Math

Math for journalists? The first time I heard Dr. Jerz talk about math, I was overcome with emotions but after his lecture and after reading through the newsroom math slides, I can confidently say I feel more comfortable with math in journalism. I can say that the slides were a great refresher. Especially, the slides that talk about percentages. This information was all lost to me when I decided to follow my journalism path. Therefore, math is simple just like writing articles in journalism. A journalist does his work in the field to do real-time interviews and journalists should also do their work with math to defeat the risk of incorrect facts.

Source: Newsroom Math


Sorry, Wrong Number

The article talked about incorrect facts being reported over and over again from various media companies across the news spectrum. This part grabbed my attention. First off, if news companies take a fact from another media source and it is incorrect, then all the journalist responsible for the reporting that fact are in the wrong. A journalist IS supposed to fact check and fact check again. Journalists should rely on their own reporting an not assume another company has the right statistics just because it went live or was published. Wrong information leads to mass mis-guidance.

Source: Sorry, Wrong Number


Pearls Before Breakfast

For starters, this was a completely different type of journalism compared to what I have learned and read in the past. The overall feel of the passage while reading felt more along the lines of a book rather than an article. After reading this I have come to the conclusion that journalists can be creative but being creative keeping some of the most important concepts of a journalistic format. This article has encouraged me to be more creative but informing when writing articles.

Source: Pearls Before Breakfast