Portfolio 4

My time with news writing is coming to a halt as we have reached our final portfolio; 4.  I would say my post this time, were more conscious post, as there were not as in depth as past post but I have engaged in the material of the post with the material I have learned over the course of the semester.


Math is not my favorite subject in the world but my post, math for journalist went into more depth than others. I gave three examples of math in journalism then wrote a paragraph describing which is good and what is not. Another post would, my wrong number post as I went into the depth about the harms of incorrect facts being published.


My most risky post was about “fake news”. This post I brought up the Kevin Spacey allegation at the beginning of my post. I brought this up because the article was about fake news and I thought this was relative because the Spacey story is on-going and he might be telling the truth so this to me was risky.


For this time around I have to say I haven’t been engaged when it comes to commenting on other people’s post like I have done in the past even if it was one or two comments. This is an area I need to work on in the future for becoming professional journalists.


For this section, the “fake news” post would be suffice as I connected Kevin Spacey to the article. Another one that would work is the wrong number post. I connected the article to what I have learned in news writing and that is fact checking.


All of the post this time around have been completed. In the past I may have not completed one or two but for portfolio 4, all articles were read and commented on.


The math examples post was where I showed the most coverage. I went into a subject and provided 3 examples of an area I was not comfortable in; math. I covered three examples and said what was right or wrong with each. The pearls post, falls under this category because I could have covered the article in detail more. My response was short and I feel I could have covered all aspects of the article.

Portfolio 4 is completed and I feel I have changed a bit over the semester. This time around, all of the post were completed. In the past I have forgot to do one or two post but I changed my routine. My post also changed a bit. Instead of just replying to the articles with a bland post I challenged myself to think critically and how it was right or wrong or compelling with what I have learned in news writing over the course of the semester.


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