Participation Portfolio 3

This is the conclusion to yet another series of blogs for another semester here at the hill. For my second series of blogs, I feel my posts have covered a wide range of material throughout the course. This is Blog Portfolio 3.


The Borges post best fits this category as my number one choice for depth. The post goes into depth about how the short reading of the “Library of Babel”, was very similar to the reading of Umberto Eco in “The Name of the Rose”. Another post that fits this category best is not on WordPress but on canvas. My post on the assignment, “The Diamond Age AND the Young Lady’s Illustrated Primer”. This post went into depth and incorporated how I showed my ability to go explore the readers throughout the semester to make similar connections.


The “Garden of Forking Paths” post is one I submitted and did not feel all that comfortable with. The post was about the short reading and myself talking about an idea I do not normally read in short stories. The idea of multiple outcomes. The idea was new to me, therefore, this was one of my riskier posts. Another post that fits into riskiness is my canvas post on the term paper pre submission. The idea was to write a few pages using integrated sources from research. My idea of Youtube and public speaking and the effects of audiences was brand new to me and I was not playing safe by picking a topic I was confident in.


The Borges, “Library of Babel” is a post that also fits into this category. This post highlighted my efforts to make connections between two separate but similar readings. The analog over digital post is another post in which I made connections. I was able to make connections about technology from the past and current day.


The Chapter 1 post of Kirschenbaum fits discussion accordingly. In this post I was able to discuss a quote that I never really though of before. I discussed the use of the word perfect and how it correlates to the audience and an actual book.


Although most of blog posts this semester have been turned in on time. I have missed several of the other post trying to catch up on the readings. Therefore, for the future I need to plan out my reading schedule more sufficiently to better myself with the keeping of blog posts.


The analog over digital post, I feel definitely fits into this category. This post covers the past and current technology and also how having a healthy relationship between the two helps us appreciate analog technology more. The “Garden of Forking Paths” post also fits into this category. I covered the material from reading and analyzed the use of the technique of multiple outcomes within a story.


The end of yet another series of blogs. This second time around with the blogs, there was a lot more reading involved. I feel I have stepped back a little in my progress with blog posting. Therefore, I have come to recognize my weakness and that is a reading schedule. I have come to the conclusion that I must set aside time and read accordingly so that I have time on the side to write a blog post for the readings. With the third portfolio of the semester done I have also recognized my strengths and that is analyzing the texts I read. I feel my post this time around have done well in covering the material and making connections from within the readings. Overall, I feel I was slightly successful but plan to get back to where I need to be with the blog posts.

Source: Participation Portfolio 3