In Principles of American Journalism Ch 1 I noticed this passage, “is simply to make sure that in the short run we don’t get screwed, and it does this best not by treating us as consumers of news, but by encouraging the conditions of public discourse and life.”

Reading this book for the second time, I hope to make connections to my role as a student journalist. I agree with the passage. For example, we don’t supply the Seton Hill campus with monthly issue to meet the demands of the community. The student run paper goes out and finds the stories to inform people of what is happening on and off campus. It is our job as student journalists to play the role of reporters in an educational setting to report and inform.

Source: Principles of American Journalism Ch1

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  1. Steve, I agree that as student journalists, we can’t only write about what people want us to report. We have to balance which stories are relevant (and therefore newsworthy) to our community at Seton Hill with which stories need to be told, even if the news is negative. We can’t always make everyone happy, and that’s not our job – our job, like you said, is to inform those who read our content so they receive all the facts and can accurately make judgments.