“A story about secrets and surveillance that raises Constitutional questions certainly counts as information of consequence to citizens.” (Craft & Davis 210)

Reading this chapter of the book again was interesting in regards to my opinion as a student journalist. I do think that journalist should have a voice but a voice that gives both sides to let the people who read the press have their own decision. I think this is what makes journalism so unique. For example, the Snowden story. Those journalists were approached by Snowden and he gave them the information to release. Now it was up to those journalists on how to inform people. The people were informed by the information that was provided and gave the people a voice not by the reporters taking a side.

Source: Principles of American Journalism Ch8

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  1. I think this is relevant to murder of the journalist Jamal Khashoggi as well. There are a lot of questions still surrounding his death, and there are certainly secrets that many Americans want answers to. It’s an ethical and governmental dilemma, but a voice needs to be given to Khashoggi and have the people be informed.