EoJ Ch8

In Eoj Ch8 I noticed this passage, “Should we emphasize news that is fun and fascinating, and plays on our sensations? Or should we stick to the news that is the most important?.” (Kovach & Rosenstiel, 213)

Today we live in age where publications have the power to interact with people on a daily basis. Publications often hold polls on their websites asking for their readers insights and opinions.


Pictured above is screenshot from the Tribune Review website.


I feel this is a great strategy because you not only reach the readers through the articles but also they get to share their opinions back wit the publication.

Also, journalist cover various topics that can be “fun and fascinating”. Most publications have a variety of topics such as comics, sports, politics, etc. It comes down to what the reader finds fun.

A journalist’s job is to report on breaking news and topics that are newsworthy. The journalist can also make these types of articles engaging by showing emotion through quotes of sources such as the student journalist article on an author who came to campus.

In a way, journalist do stick to news that is important and also cover the fun stuff as well. By setting up polls online, publications are breaking that fourth wall to engage more with their audiences to keep them coming back because their opinions matter too and some of those opinions might end up in news features.


Source: EoJ Ch8

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