In the example of student journalism, one thing the student’s article did very well was coverage. After reading through the article, it seems the student was covering a guest a speaker who came to campus to talk about their book. I respect the student because something bigger happened and the student journalist took advantage of breaking news. In a brief summary, a few students did not like the ideas in the book and burned it on campus.

Something else this article does that is tricky to condone in any news article, is getting the emotion from eye-witnesses.

Below is a quote from the article.

“It makes me feel like we are being represented really badly. It makes me feel like these people make us look as a school and even as a freshman class really ignorant and racist,” Blalock said. “Just seeing it happen, I know they didn’t read the book or they didn’t care. It’s so disrespectful to even think about doing anything to that book because that’s her life story. I wish I could have been there to do something about it.”

This quote here for example is a great way to show the perspective of students who go to school but weren’t connected to the event. The live coverage of the book burning shows one side while her quotes demonstrate her willingness to report the truth and get both sides.


Source: Great Example of Student Journalism

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