EoJ Ch9

In Eoj Ch9 I noticed this passage, “There are two major problems with metrics that hinder publishers from using these data to accurately assess their work.” (Kovach & Rosenstiel, 251).

Chapter nine dealt a lot about how news organizations keep their legacies by sometimes thriving on the petty news on celebrities. Another section fed off of this to go on to state online publications are successful because they can judge their content based off of metrics.

From June 2017-May 2018, I was online editor of the Setonian student magazine. As part of this process, on WordPress the engine we run to produce our print news to a web edition, I was able to track the number of views and page visits per day, week and month.

I must say after doing this for about a year on a collegiate publication, the most beneficial factor to this was that I was able to narrow down the time, the website would generate the most traffic and the Setonian would reach a bigger audience.

Looking at it from a professional stand point, I see this information to be useless mainly because if a web page that has the naked celebrity getting the most visits, then the news publication won’t get a sense of what “real” news is generating more traffic.

Source: EoJ Ch9

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