EoJ Ch10

In Eoj Chapter 10 I noticed this passage, “The final component in the equation is how the members of the community, the citizens, become part of the process. What responsibilities they have?.” (Kovach & RosenStiel, 285).

With journalism and the public, I feel there is a battle that is constantly going on. Not all content everyone reads or the news provides will reflect any or all persons’ ideas or beliefs. I feel there is a slight disconnect between quality control and the consumers of news. Consumers of news as the authors put it, “Always want the best quality content.” This is true but to some extent, the public must realize the role costs within a publication.

Take the Setonian for example. If students would want a higher-quality website, the editors just can’t make it happen. It all comes down to budget and costs. Dr. Jerz ,the advisor just recently enabled google ads for the website which would generate a few more cents here and there and allows us to gain more for our budget. Upgrading websites to produce higher quality content comes at a cost. It is at this cost, I feel the public has a disconnect with journalists because they might not understand this part in the process. That is why I feel, it is important whenever I get the chance to teach another student about the functions of journalism because this connection should be stronger and more understood.

Source: EoJ Ch10

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