EoJ Ch11

In Eoj Chapter 11 I noticed this passage, “We should expect to see evidence that the material has been prepared for our use above all. This means stories should answer our needs as citizens and not.. interests of players and political or economic system. It also means that there is a demonstrated effort by journalists to understand the whole community.” (Kovach & Rosenstiel, 293).

The quote referenced above is taken from the section on, the citizen’s bill of rights and responsibilities, in the course textbook. From my experience reporting at a college campus for a the university’s student publication is as follows. I understand it is my duty as a student journalist to be as objective and accurate as possible so that the news I report on can be in the hands of the Seton Hill community. From there it is up to the citizens of Seton Hill to decide whether or not what side of the news story to follow. Not all new stories have two sides, right or wrong but some most definitely do. Therefore, as editor in chief, I try to publish articles that would resonate with all members of the community. Instead of just focusing on the most groundbreaking events that happen, I try to publish stories that would interest a larger number of people on campus.

Source: EoJ Ch11

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