This marks the third portfolio of the semester. For the third portfolio, there is not very many blog post to put into categories. Therefore, the following portfolio reflects how well I have done meeting all of the required categories with far less post than usual. One area I feel that has stood out for this third portfolio would be the area of riskiness. I feel the post I have selected really meet the criteria of what it means to take a risk within my own blog posts.


One post where I feel went into the most depth and detail is my blog post on my experience with the Greensburg Tribune Review. For this post I went into detail about my experience working at the tribune review for election night on November 5, 2019. I went into detail about what I saw and reflected on my experience.

Another post where I feel I went into depth was my blog post on Eoj Ch9. For this blog post I talked about how in chapter nine the authors talk about the use of engaging with the public and finding the most engaging articles on their websites. I went into detail about how I used the metrics of the Setonian’s website to generate more traffic when I was online editor.


One post where I feel I took a risk was the post on yes, Virginia. This post was related to an old “letter to the editor” and the response the editor gave. Instead of focusing on the content of what the editor replied with. I instead focused on the lesson that could be learned in journalism by the actions of the editor in regard to the letter he had received. I feel this was risky because I could have easily focused on the content of what the editor replied with.

Another post where I feel I took a risk is my blog post on Eoj chapter 10. For this post, I briefly stated how the authors talk about what kind of responsibility the citizens have with journalism. I took a risk and related this content to the Setonian. I talked about how if the SHU community would want a website of higher quality they have to understand that the editors just can’t make it happen. This is a process I don’t know very much about but I decided I know enough to take a risk and talk about it.


None of my blog post really connect to an outside source except for the canvas post about the UVA incident. The article talks about an incident of a rape on campus. The article was then discredited. I feel this was the closest to connecting to an outside source. By talking with classmates about a real article that was published I feel we got a sense of what could happen on the wrong side of journalism.

Also I would say my game would count for this category. My game is to teach students about the ethics in journalism and the practice of verification. I feel it connected students with a source outside of the class material to learn more about journalism. Since the game is my own creation, I am putting it in this category.


One post that sparked discussion is my canvas post regarding the article about a rape on the UVA campus. For this post, I talked about the article which was later discredited and how I saw flaws in the alleged news story. I pointed out that there were little to no other sources quoted in the article and there was a heavy flow of attention around the victim of the article. This then sparked discussion with my class mates.

The next one is not a post I made but another instance where something I made sparked discussion, is my game on the ethics of journalism. In SEL 160: News Writing, the students got to try out my game I created for an independent study at Seton Hill in 2018. The game was designed to teach students the ethics of journalism and verification. The game then prompted students to discuss what they had learned.


A post where I feel was not late or early was my own post on my experience at the Tribune Review. For this post I simply talked and reflected on my experience working at a professional publication for election night. This post was timely because I have posted within a week of when I had this opportunity on November 5, 2019.

Another post that best fits this category is my post on yes,virginia. This post fits into timeliness because it was very early unlike the other post for this portfolio. This blog post talks about the lesson of engaging with your readers based on a response from Francis Church, an editor, in regards to a letter to the editor he received from a little girl.


For this category, the posts that fit this best would be my post on EOJ chapters Nine, Ten, and Eleven. These post definitely fit into other categories but I feel I did my best to cover what was talked about in the book chapters and relate it back to my own experiences as a student journalist and reporter at Seton Hill University.


Overall, for the third portfolio, I feel this is definitely not as strong as my second portfolio. Due to the less amount of blog post, I must admit it was difficult to meet every category. Also, I feel with far less blog post than usual that I was able to get at least two post per category which is pretty good considering there were only four blog post this time around. I tried to incorporate my own projects and class discussions to have a more detailed portfolio. It would have been easy for me to put all five of the blog post in every category but then I would not be showing my true strengths. Therefore, that is why there is only two post per category.


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