Nov. 5, 2019 I had the opportunity to work at the Tribune Review in Greensburg, Pa. for election night. Through this opportunity I worked as the election-data intern. In this position my job was to look over the election results from Armstrong, Butler, and Fayette County. The polls closed at approximately 8 p.m. so there was a little bit of waiting around that time. Once the election results came in, I would go on the websites of each of the three counties and get the results. The results for specific candidates would then go into a Word Access program. Overall, the experience well worth it.

During my time there I learned that a professional news publication uses the same tools that the Setonian Student magazine uses. As editor-in-chief of the Setonian, I was delighted to talk with a long-term editor of the Trip about Word Press and Indesign. The Setonian uses Word Press for online and InDesign for the print layout which the Trib. also uses both of these programs for.

Also, during my time at the Tribune Review I got to experience a professional newsroom. It was exactly as I had imagined. Desks pulled together with people loudly typing to meet deadlines with various shouts back and forth about sports, elections, and other miscellaneous tasks. I was even taken on a tour to see the old mail room and saw the old printing press. This is where the papers would be printed and then distributed into stacks for delivery across Westmoreland County where this Tribune Review is located.

All in all, I got to experience professional journalism. Even though my time with the Trib. was short I got a glimpse into the real world of journalism and what it is like compared to working on a collegiate publication.

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