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In a response to the letter by the eight-year-old, the editor, Francis Church, engaged with the reader in a way that should shed light on journalism. Church responded to a little girl, that asked whether or not Santa Claus was real in a letter to the editor. Church then responded to her publicly stating that she should believe in Santa Claus. It isn’t what Church said exactly that should shed light on journalism but rather the importance of him responding to her. It could have been very easy for the editor to ignore the child’s letter and think it was cute and move on to the next news piece. Instead, Church publicly responded in way that should show people, journalists care about what their readers think. This should be a lesson for both parties; the press and the people. A lesson that reporters and citizens need to understand each other. Reporters should listen to the citizens and the citizens should not be too quick to judge the journalists.

Source: Yes, Virginia

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