Hawthorne, Scarlet Letter (10-13)

In chapter 10 Chillingworth and Dimmesdale discuss the meaning of concealing ones sin through plant symbolism. This conversation has Dimmesdale in a corner where he makes sure not to disclose anything to make it seem like he has anything to hide but he becomes nervous and agitated with the topic. The reader knows that Chillingworth is suspicious and what it’s about and we know that it is in fact true. Therefor, when Chillingworth looks under his friends shirt at his chest while he is sleeping and rejoices by what he sees it leads me to believe as a reader that what he has just seen confirms his suspicions. The chapter end by leaving the readers in the dark about what the doctor saw, but I feel it is safe to infer it is something that leads the doctor to believe his suspicions were correct.

via Hawthorne, Scarlet Letter (10-13).

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