Chillingsworth & Dimmesdale- Two Sides of the Same Coin

Throughout the Scarlet Letter, Hawthorn depicts Chillingsworth as vengeful and spiteful, he seeks revenge for the wrongdoings done against him seven years ago when Hester had Dimmesdale’s child. Dimmesdale is a man who hides his wrong doings from the world and is too scared to come forward in the community and confess. When I make comparisons between the two characters it’s easy to see their differences. Chillingsworth and Dimmesdale remind me of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, two sides of the same coin. I see both men as cowardly and pathetic the difference is that Chillingsworth is Dr. Jekyll; he’s vindictive, vengeful, and spiteful. While Dimmesdale is Mr. Hyde, he’s scared, embarrassed, and in denial. Both men are conflicted with life choices that involved Hester. Chillingsworth decides to be angry about marrying Hester and becomes overcome by these feelings and wants revenge on Dimmesdale. Dimmesdale on the other hand feels guilty instead of angry and just lets the guilt eat away at him on the inside. Both men are conflicted at a common focal point; Hester. Their conflict ions affect each of them differently; one who fills himself with hate and the other fills himself with guilt. In the end both men find release from their conflictions. Dimmesdale confesses to the entire town and after. Once Dimmesdale comes forth and tells the town the truth and then passes away, Chillingsworth has no reason to continue seeking revenge. His life revolved around that hatred and need for revenge for so long, with that gone he died shortly after.

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