Hawthorne, Scarlet Letter (4-6)

The main thing that was in my mind while reading these chapters is why did Hester choose to stay in Boston? She did create a successful career for herself  but she was judged, ridiculed, tormented every day. She had the opportunity and ability to leave, she was not bound to Boston yet she chose to stay. During chapter 5 Hester questions the life she has chosen for herself as she raises Pearl since she affected by her mothers punishment just as much. I just wonder, if she had the opportunity to move away and start a life free of judgment and isolation where she can raise her daughter in a way that she is not an item of ridicule either then why wouldn’t she? She uses a couple reasons that she feels obligated to stay near Pearl’s father, and to remain at the scene of her punishment but to me these just feel like excuses. What else could be keeping her their? The real reason that keeps her bound to Boston?

via Hawthorne, Scarlet Letter (4-6).

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