Portfolio 3


My post, Huck Finn (Notice-Ch2), was a length one. But I feel that the length held a lot of detail and insights that I made about chapters one and two. I began the post with a quote that stuck out to me. Subsequently I broke the quote into two different aspects that can be gathered about the novel from the quote. I then talked about how these different aspects drew me in on an emotional plane and made me want to move forward through the book to find out more. In another one of my posts Huck Finn(Ch34-The Last) I focus on the end of the book. Compared to my other post, this one is shorter however I feel that it holds just as much importance as the other. In this post analyzed all of the changes that Huck has made as a character and how he has developed into the final character that we, as readers, meet at the end.


I still vary in the timeliness section of portfolios. Sometimes my posts are created early and other time they are done in time right before class. However I did try to focus on this section more this time around and found that most of my posts are done before class time. My post Foster (any 2 chapters in book) was one that was done on time but was somewhat crammed to be done before class. However my post Harris, Uncle Remus Podcast was one that I had done early and I noticed this made a difference in the amount of discussion that I had from my post in class.


I have grown in the riskiness portion of the portfolio. I think reading the book The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn helped me take a lot more risks within my posts because there was a lot of room to draw conclusions about the different characters in the book especially Huck. For instance, in my post Huckleberry Finn and Death (Interpretation Exercise) I took a risk of analyzing Huck’s moral development and what this means. I also took a risk my interconnecting this with a chapter from Foster. I did a similar thing in both Huck Finn (Notice-Ch2) and Huck Finn (Ch29-33) where I focused on the moral development of Huck due to his experiences. I risked analyzing the development of the character through different scenarios in the book and the outcomes.


In constructing this portfolio I realized that discussion is something I am really going to have to focus on for the next portfolio because the best discussion I had was on my post  Harris, Uncle Remus Podcast between Cecilia and I. She commented on my insights and then asked me a very good question about the intentions of Uncle Remus. I responded to her with my opinion. This discussion not only happened before and during class time but also after.


In my post Foster Transformation I linked one of my earlier posts about Foster into it. I feel that the previous post I selected combine with my analysis of my growth with Foster shows my the transformation that I have made thus far.  For the Difficulty Exercise that we had to do for class I found that I really struggled understand the language. I guess that’s the whole point of it being a “difficulty exercise.” Because I found that the only way I could understand what was being said was to read to myself out loud over and over I figured that hearing someone else read the narrative after I had would help me piece together any parts of Brother Bear’s Big House that I just couldn’t get. So for this post I found a video clip on youtube that helped me understand the story and I incorporated it into my post so  that my classmates could see what I did and use this tool if they needed too as well.


My posts Huck Finn (Ch14-19)Huck Finn (Ch20-23), and Huck Finn (Ch29-33) were all posts that I did in order to have them done on time. They are not super in depth but they still hold my observations and opinions in an analytical sense. The posts mainly revolve around different characters in the novel and their encounters at the moments that are in the assigned chapters.


For this portfolio I have realized that I have taken a lot more risks and gotten better at incorporating outside texts and media into my posts. However this portfolio has also made me realize that I need to get better in positing my blogs earlier than either really late at night or right before class so that my posts can stimulate more discussion between my classmates and I. For instance one of my better posts that I though would stimulate a lot of discussion was my final analysis of Huck as a character and how he developed in my post Huck Finn (Ch34-The Last). After in class discussion I realized that my post could have possibly generation discussion through  comments if it had been posted earlier.

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