Poe, “Hop-Frog” (story)

Poe’s short story, “Hop-Frog” confused me at first. I probably reread the beginning part of the story three or four times before I started to understand what was going on. I’m a very visual learner so in order for me to understand the short story I needed to able to create a mental image of it myself which is the reason I think it was so hard for me to understand the text at first. The middle of the story where hop-frog executes his plan grabbed my attention through to the end but different words and sentence structures still kind of threw me off. Then I found this comic of a simple overview and it helped me with a mental image of the plot.

hopfrog 1 hopfrog 2

After reading the comic I went back to the short story and read through it again. By this third time and the help of the comic I was able to understand a lot easier.

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  1. Yeah, the beginning with its descriptions of the fat king and his fat council threw me. I kept rereading it to figure out what the importance was or what it could add to the story. If there was a deeper meaning to the appearance of the antagonists.

    ps. I REALLY love the comic! did this artist do any other Poe stories?

    1. No not that I saw but the artist has done some great works for other stories. I linked the site into my post for you in you would like to have a look.

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