Dickinson, “This World is not Conclusion”

This World is not Conclusion

Dickinson tells us that there is more than this world and life that we know. We can’t draw on death as a conclusion because there really is not true conclusion at all. We can try to prove it as much as we want but really it comes down to believing. All of our insistent searching has lead to questions rather than answers.

Breakdown lines 1-4:

This earthly world is not the end, there is more out there to this scheme. There is no doubt that more lies beyond our earthy boundaries.

“This world is not Conclusion.”

There are otherworldly figures out there. We cannot see them or hear them but but are sure that they exist. Even though we may not be see/hear them there are too many reasons to deny their existence.

“A Species stands beyond- 

Invisible, as Music-

But positive, as Sound-“

Breakdown lines 5-8:

This world beyond our draws us in to question it and know more. But, there is only so much that we can know and most of this ‘knowledge’ cannot be proven. Therefor this world other than our own puzzles us. We seek for answers, definitive ones but we cannot find them in our earthly form. Philosophies can clue us in but they still don’t know for sure, they just help lead our minds and questions in the right direction.

“It beckons, and it baffles-

Philosophy- don’t know-“

Ultimately the only way to find out the answer to this riddle is after death. Through death we find out truly what lies beyond our world. We only become wise and (sagacious) knowledgeable after death when we pass over into the next realm.

“And through a Riddle, at the last-

Sagacity, must go-“

Breakdown lines 9-12:

Scholars try to figure out the truth, whether it’s to prove or disprove it, yet they never can. They always stumble, never able to find the answers they seek.

“To guess, it puzzles scholars-“

Year after year and generation after generation men bear ‘contempt’ for this knowledge. They all struggle for it only to find it always eluding them. These seekers bear it with scorn and even crucifixion to gain what seem to be the prize that beckons.

“To gain it, Men have borne

Contempt of Generations

And Crucifixion, shown-“

Breakdown lines 13-16:

When their is doubt and uncertainty we gather ourselves, laugh it off and move forward with our faith. Embarrassed only for a moment that we doubted but we don’t admit this.

“Faith slips- and laughs, and rallies-

Blushes, if any see-“

Instead we try to pull from the smallest amount of evidence that exists to reassure ourselves that in fact He does exist. We forgive ourselves our travesties and ask for Him to guide us in the right direction in much of the same way that a ‘vane’ is directed and guided by wind.

“Plucks at a twig of Evidence-

And asks a Vane, the way-“

Breakdown lines 17-20:

We receive most of our direction from the church and the clergy; instructing us how to live by faith and what is ‘true.’ We accept true and continue to walk in faith and believe.

“Much Gesture, from the Pulpit-

Strong Hallelujahs roll-“

However, all of this reassurance cannot completely settle the doubt that we feel inside and question. These questions will eat away at us until the day we meet death and have the chance to finally solve the great riddle ourselves.

“Narcotics cannot still the Tooth 

That nibbles at the soul-“

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