Class Activity: Evidence-based Reflection

At the beginning of the year I struggled doing literary close readings because I had to switch my mentality. I guess my habit was to use high school tools and look for common things so breaking from this habit was difficult. And that wasn’t so much because it was new to me but mostly because I couldn’t grasp what a literary close reading was. It’s a vague concept. I just couldn’t understand what I was supposed to be doing differently and so my close readings at first were kind of rough and unpolished.  But I realized now that the thing about close readings is there never is a set guideline as to what you’re supposed to be looking for. The beauty of it is your ability to go through a literary piece and take underlying parts in order to create a substantial piece on a singular element.

For example, in my blog post from the beginning of the year Dickinson, “I Never hear the word ‘escape'” it was a short post and there really wasn’t much depth to it.  Compared to one of my more recent Dickinson posts,  “After great pain, a formal feeling comes-“ where I showed my breakdown but then also focused in on the different human elements stated in the poem and gathered why she uses body parts to personify the feeling of losing someone. Just looking at my posts you can tell that there a huge difference between the two. I have definitely developed a lot since the start of the class, especially with poetry.


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