UTC IV: Scene 2

St. C: How do you know there is, Tom? You never saw the Lord.

 Tom: Felt Him in my soul, mas’r—feel Him now! Oh, mas’r! when I was sold away from my old woman and the children, I was jest a’most broken up—I felt as if there warn’t nothing left—and then the Lord stood by me, and He says, “Fear not, Tom,” and He brings light and joy into a poor fellow’s soul—makes all peace; and I’s so happy, and loves everybody, and feels willin’ to be jest where the Lord wants to put me. I know it couldn’t come from me, ’cause I’s a poor, complaining creature—it comes from above, and I know He’s willin’ to do for mas’r.

 St. C: [Grasping TOM’S hand.] Tom, you love me!


Out of this big paragraph from Tom about God and his love the largest thing that stuck to St. C grabbed from it was that Tom loves him. I found that interesting because originally he’s questioning how Tom knows that the Lord is real. All it took was a couple sentences and then he didn’t question God’s existence again.

via UTC IV.

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