Call of the Wild Ch. 3&4

“Buck  stood and looked on, the successful champion, the dominant primordial beast who had made his kill and found it good”

The author began chapter 3 by stating that the dominant primordial beast was strong in Buck. At this point the primitive will to survive was the now the sole concentration for Buck. It shows Buck’s transformation from not wanting to fight and trying to avoid it, to now fighting to be dominant. By the end of chapter 3 Buck is faced with the fight to the death between him and Spitz. In this scene Bucks instinct for survival reaches its peak as the wild calls for survival of the fittest. Buck will never survive in this environment and lifestyle if he doesn’t adapt. This becomes the central theme of this chapter.

Chapter 4 continues Buck’s fight for dominance. Even after he kills Spitz he fights for the opportunity to be lead dog and prove himself which he does. He excels and exceeds the expectations. Chapter 4 is a transitional chapter. Chapter 3 introduces us to the change at hand and chapter 4 carries through with it and shows the results leading into the way the Buck will develop in the future chapters.


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