Foster, “Envoi”

Foster’s book has actually done what the title says to help me read literature like a professor. Although this is my second year of college and I took the standard STW freshman class and had to write multiple papers last year, I realized that I came into this class with the skills I developed in high school. I always took high level classes so I thought that I was somewhat already on I higher level. What I realized is that I still had a lot of growing to do. Foster’s book helped me along the way because it taught me ‘how’ to read differently. It helped make literary close readings easier and taught me different aspects that I can use to deconstruct readings. The introduction and the first chapter of the book open us, as readers, up to the concept of the “language of reading,” which I used in my very first Foster post about the Star Spangled Banner. On a very basic level I made connections about certain words and what emotions they elicit in the reader. This was enough to talk about at the time, it was one of my first literary close readings and it gave me a place to start. As the school year continued and we continued reading Foster, the book gave me more things that I could draw on in a text in order to make a close reading. I grew as a reader and this book was a great tool that helped me get to where I am now. “What this book represents is not a database of all the cultural codes by which writers create and readers understand the products of that creation” (304) rather it’s a tool that readers can utilize to expand their knowledge and reading literature.

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