Creative Critical Presentation Progress Report

My for my creative critical project I selected an Emily Dickinson Poem and illustrated it. The catch is that at a certain point in the middle of the poem I interpreted it three different ways and illustrate these three different interpretations. The different interpretations are  from different standpoints. The objective of my project is to see what I can learn from an analysis of a Dickinson poem from different ethnic/social/religious perspectives.

My stretch end goal, if creating this is easier than expected, would be having three different endings for the three different interpretations. My fallback end goal would be having one common illustrated ending for the three different parts. The way that I will present this project is through my blog.

The original plan is to scan all of my illustrations and then upload them to my blog. I will have the first illustrations on one blog page then for the three different interpretations I will have them on three separate blog posts that are linked back to the first one and then the ending will be linked on the interpretative posts to another post. In case scanning my pictures becomes too difficult I’ll just take pictures of them and then upload them onto my computer and blog that way.

So far I’ve been working on the drawings, I’m on the three different pathways now so I still have the ending/s to go. I’d say that they’re coming along pretty well and I’m on the right track. The only part that I feel I will have the most difficulty with is getting them all on my blogs and making it look nice in a presentable way. Worse comes to worse I have a tech savvy friend that said he’ll help me on thursday if I need it.

I think my project makes an analytical statement about the poem and Dickinson as a whole.

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