Updated Creative Critical Project

In my last post I talked about my creative critical project and the progress I had been making. Originally my plan was to have one story with three different pathways like I discussed. On was on route with that but then I didn’t really feel like it interpreted the poem the way I wanted it to. So I changed my plan a little bit.

This time I chose a high school setting for the Dickinson poem “I’m Nobody” and used stereotypes to show the issue of bullying. Now with technology and social media bullying has become an even larger problem and I felt that I could fit this in perfectly  with the poem. So I interpreted the poem through a scene in high school that displays just how much stereotypes and bullying can affect someone.

Since I started over I was a little crunched for time so the two middle illustrations do not have as much depth and the first two and the last one.

To put my project together I first made a script for the poem. I then illustrated different parts of the scene on standard sketching paper with graphite and charcoal pencils. I then took a picture of each illustration and edited it on my phone digitally enhancing them so that certain tones and lines stood out more and blended together. There was one illustration that was done on a drawing app. After that I put all of the illustrations together in a movie maker. I also chose a song that I felt matched the setting and the topic and that would also reach my viewers.

Here is my final product!

Taylor Creative Critical Project

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